Cow-Baby Found In Thailand

This humanoid looking animal dubbed “cow-baby” was found dead in Thailand. The locals said it was born by a cow. The locals covered the mutated animal in baby powder and surrounded it with incense and plants. The reason? They were actually treating the dead animal as a dead human being. They even pray for it! […]

Cool Brain Box Helmet

This Brain Box Helmet is made possible by Death Spray Custom. “Guaranteed to make the wearer 69% more intelligent, 71% more fascinating at dinner parties and 136% better at rolling stoppies.” A thumbs-up from the Governator!

World’s Most Hungriest Girl

Suman Khatun, a five year-old obese Indian girl who suffers from a suspected hormonal imbalance, is so insatiably hungry she is eating herself to death, doctors fear. In just one week, she devours over 10 kilograms of rice, 24 eggs, six litres of milk and five kilos of potatoes. Her hunger even leads her to […]

World’s Biggest Pair Of Jeans

Peruvian seamstresses hoping to snag a Guinness World Record for sewing the largest pair of blue jeans. Workers laid the pair on the ground and put big balloons inside the legs to show off the size of the jeans, which are 141 feet (43 m) tall and 98 feet (30 m) wide. They are hoping […]

The Future Of Aviation

Could this be the future of aviation? These are just a bunch of concept art from NASA. I know some of them looks weird, but there is a huge possibility that 20 years from now we will be seeing one of these (at least) hovering around. It sure is an interesting futuristic concept!