Building The World’s Tallest Bridge With The Help Of Rockets

Siduhe Grand Bridge is currently under construction in China. If completed, it will be the tallest bridge in the world.

This engineering marvel is near completion after 4 years of construction in China’s hubei province.

Let’s just say that this bridge is so high from the ground that you can actually put the Empire State Building below the bridge and it will still has some 360ft room to spare.

How did they manage to erect the enormous towers on each side of the deep valley to form the bridge?

They used rockets.

They attached the 3200ft cables to rockets and accurately fired them over the valley, becoming the first ever to accomplish such feat in construction.

They could have used helicopter, but hey it worked!

So, I guess using rockets was more faster to transfer the cables, but a bit more time consuming to setup. Because they need to build and calibrate each rocket right?

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