Dubai’s Anar Tower To Kiss The Sky

This is just insane! Dubai has been grabbing headlines lately, throwing crazy amounts of money to build spectacular towers.

This is the brainchild of British firm Atkins called Anar Tower.

Look at this wonderful marvel. I love the design, especially the massive propeller-like structure at the very top.

It looks like a freaking jet engine, but unfortunately the propeller doesn’t rotate.

Anar the tower will have 125 floors and will reach a height of about 700 meters.


The tower will be topped by a large empty circle, in the center of which is located a glass capsule sustained by 3 arms and giving the appearance of being a large wind turbine.

Apart from sky gardens after every 27 floors, the building will have offices, shops, a luxury hotel with 250 rooms, 300 residential apartments, and a place for exhibitions and auctions. The apartments, which are expected to be the most expensive in Dubai, will have luxuries like exclusive swimming pools, exclusive elevators and views of the beautiful coastline of Dubai.

The glass structure on the top of the tower will be a restaurant, which will not only give the diners the pleasure to feast at about 700 meters, but diners here would also be able to enjoy the panoramic views of some of the most important avenues of Dubai.

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