Man Shoots Himself Five Times In Head And Survive

An attempted suicide failed after an 84-year-old Argentine man who shot himself five times in the head miraculously survived.

The man also shot himself once in the stomach, state news agency Telam reported today.

“Despite the serious injuries he was even conscious when we found him. He could not speak, but he sat on a stool and made himself understood through gestures,” police officer Herman Ruben Gab was quoted as saying.

The man, who lived alone, reportedly used a very old gun and ammunition. The gunpowder did not explode with as much power as would normally occur, according to police.

“Otherwise the first shot would already have been fatal,” Gab said.


This is just horrific, maybe this guy needs a hug or something. I mean, how fucked up is his life anyway that he is willing to undergo such brutal and painful attempts to end his life in ways beyond comprehension? Look, he shit shot himself five times in his freaking HEAD and didn’t die, then shot himself in the stomach!? Sick fuck! What was he thinking? Usually, a single bullet to the head is enough, but he is one tough motherfucker!

After taking five bullets to his numskull, this guy was still conscious and decided to pop another round on his stomach (hoping that would do the trick). Alas, he is still alive! He was chilling out on a stool when the cops found him, he described what happened using gestures. WTF!?

Uhm, I’m going to give him props for his bravery, after 6 bullets, he obviously wanted to die but failed miserably. I hope he still have his face intact, or people might start referring to him as that fuck face, and he might have another reason to kill himself. I know it’s hard for an 84-year-old, but he should have gone out sometimes, make new friends or find a hobby to reintroduce him to a wonderful thing called Life.

It’s kind of ironic, because he wanted to die that is why he committed suicide, but still had the willpower to live that is why he survived.

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