The Most Painful Insect Bite On Earth

Ever wonder what insect causes the most painful bite on earth?

Well, It's from this fella below:

This insect is called the Bullet Ant.

Its sting is said to be the most painful on earth.

It's called the bullet ant because the sensation of its sting has been likened with that of being shot by a bullet.

This bad boys dwells in the rain forests of Atlantic coastal lowland from Nicaragua southward to the Amazon basin.

The bullet ants populates on trees and if it falls on you, it has the habit to shriek before biting you in the ass. Seriously.

One of the first descriptions ever of a bullet ant’s sting on a human was made in the 1920's by Belgian natural historian Joseph Charles Bequaert (1886-1982). Such a sting is extremely painful and often compared with the pain caused by a bullet shot – hence the name bullet ant. For those who have not been shot but rather stung by a wasp, the pain caused by the sting of a bullet ant is 30 times worse…

Uhhm, did I mention it shrieks??!!

[image via nebarnix]

Now the best part:

Some indigenous people living in Nicaragua actually use the bullet ants as their initiation rites to manhood.


The ants are first knocked out by drowning them in natural chloroform, and then hundreds of them are woven into sleeves made out of leaves, stinger facing inward. When the ants come to, boys slip the sleeve down onto their arm. The goal of this initiation rite is to keep the sleeve on for a full ten minutes without showing any signs of pain. When finished, the boys' (now men) arms are temporarily paralyzed because of the venom, and they may shake uncontrollably for days.

And they have to do it 20 fucking times! Ahhhhh!!

Talk about machine gun type of pain!

Need proof?

For your pleasure, here it is:


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