Toilet Paper Shovel For Outdoor Pooping

WTF – A toilet paper in a shovel?

It’s an invention by Alejandro Bona, and it’s purpose is to make shitting outdoors cool and more convenient.

It’s just a toilet paper attached to a shovel. This toilet paper shovel is perfect for outgoing individuals.

It even contains instructions on how to use it effectively if you feel like pooping while you are in the outdoors. The catalog suggest that you must use it in the following order (take note):

1. Go outside and smell the fresh air
2. Dig a hole
3. Take a dump
4. Wipe your ass with the toilet paper
5. Now bury it using the shovel
6. Raise your hands for the win and enjoy the sweet smell of success

Makes perfect sense doesn’t it? Very handy and everything just falls into places.


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