Transgender Cooks Own Testicles And Eats Them Before Sex Change!

Holy Oh My God Damn Fucking Shit!!! – That moronic reaction alone will make you want to stay away with this one. But if you are curious, and with balls to back em’ up, then you’ve got to fucking see this.

A transgender, who goes by the name ‘genderhack‘, did something disgusting and so unthinkable that it sends shiver down my spine, uhm, and balls…

Before having a sex change, the sick-bastard first had an operation to remove his testicles, for the purpose of… get this – eating them!!! Yes, he wants to cook and eat his own testicles! Sick!

He even had a dinner guest to help him chow down his cooked balls! Oh, my…

Presenting… the dinner guest , a girl, with an I.Q. of a fly.

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