Transgender Cooks Own Testicles And Eats Them Before Sex Change!

Holy Oh My God Damn Fucking Shit!!! – That moronic reaction alone will make you want to stay away with this one. But if you are curious, and with balls to back em’ up, then you’ve got to fucking see this.

A transgender, who goes by the name ‘genderhack‘, did something disgusting and so unthinkable that it sends shiver down my spine, uhm, and balls…

Before having a sex change, the sick-bastard first had an operation to remove his testicles, for the purpose of… get this – eating them!!! Yes, he wants to cook and eat his own testicles! Sick!

He even had a dinner guest to help him chow down his cooked balls! Oh, my…

Presenting… the dinner guest , a girl, with an I.Q. of a fly.

His motives:

You know, i felt that way at first, but the more i thought about it, the more i realized it was even better that it was somebody else’s. (not to say i wouldn’t have appreciated the autocannibalism)

I mean, heck i’ve eaten bits of my own skin, sucked my own blood, accidentally bitten of bits of tongue, even accidentally sliced of a bit of thumb into a meal i was making, so it’s not actually something all that crazy or special to eat your own parts; it would just be an matter of degree. But to cook up and eat another’s flesh, well now that’s a little more meaningful and symbolic…

Besides, i’m still most likely going to get my excess scrotal tissue removed, so maybe i’ll fry up a little nutsack bacon. It’s either that or tan it and make a coin purse. I think i like the coin purse idea more though.

Jesus… Just looking at the pics, I think my balls are tingling. I never really get to appreciate them, up until now.

I love my balls! There I said it.

And the taste??!!

And no, it didn’t taste like chicken. We sauteed them lightly in some olive oil; to bring out their own flavor as much as possible. The testes themselves tasted more like sausage; with just a hint of semeny taste; really tender, almost fell apart in your mouth. We sauteed up the epididymous and lining too; the texture was essentially unchewable, but they tasted really really good actually, like a piece of lamb-steak gristle.

Bon appetit everyone! Lights out.

[via 420chan] – for more uncensored pics!

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